Add Your Vehicle to Our Fleet


Elite Auto Shares is always looking for investors who are interested in renting their vehicle through our company. We can review your current vehicle or we can make recommendations on what vehicle you could purchase that would work well in our fleet. As car owners, especially exotic car owners, we fight depreciation of the vehicle each and every month. There are many benefits to investing with Elite Auto Shares.

1) Federal Tax Benefit: By purchasing a vehicle or converting your vehicle over to a rental car, you can write off most of the costs associated with operating it. An even greater benefit is that you are able to depreciate the vehicle against your taxes.

2) State Tax Benefit: Any Vehicle that is purchased in the state of Florida for the purpose of rental is free from paying tax on it.

3) Personel Use Benefit: Not only will you be making money by renting your vehicle through us, but you can come pick up your vehicle for personal use whenever your vehicle isn't being rented.

These are just some of the benefits of investing with Elite Auto Shares.  Contact us for additional information about this great opportunity.

Contact us to discuss options in detail.

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